The Heroic Quest Of Achilles In The Film Troy

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In the movie Troy, Achilles, a young ambitious, good looking, muscular, Greek demonstrates a clear heroic quest. A warrior who wanted to be known, thrived for the remembrance of his name. Achilles goes from a self prideful warrior to a warrior of love with a sense of compassion. The normal world for Achilles is being a warrior, fighting in small battles for Greece and training his cousin Patroclus. He serves as a mentor for Patroclus, preparing him for battle, and making him a strong warrior like himself. Achilles is an outcast from the normal life of the Greeks. He lives on the countryside separating himself from the king, Agamemnon. He does not agree with the Agamemnon but as a citizen of Greece he fights. When Helen chooses to…show more content…
He takes the beach of Troy with his few men and himself. Upon finding a woman, servant of the gods, Briseis, they hold her hostage. Agamemnon uses her against Achilles to prove himself more powerful than Achilles. The obstacle of finding the servant girl is a threshold for Achilles, starting to break down his pride, when he finds that he cares for her. As many more obstacles arise Achilles breaks down, until Troy attacks the Greeks on the beach. With Achilles refusing to fight until he is needed by Agamemnon, Patroclus puts of Achilles armor leading out his men. Hector, Prince of Troy kills who is thought to be Achilles. Upon hearing the news of his cousin’s death, Achilles encounters his final obstacle, the battle with Hector. He kills Hector and in a cloud of rage and darkness drags his body behind his chariot. Achilles without knowing has hit rock bottom. His pride is officially broken down when his eyes are opened by a visit from the King of Troy. He realizes what wrong he has done at the point of his Abyss and in that moment with the King of Troy standing there face to face with him, he changes. He has changed internally and externally. Giving back Hector’s body took courage after the scene he made at the battle. Achilles put the someone else before himself as he stepped into the King’s shoes. He knew how it felt to lose someone so

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