Abuse Of Power In Macbeth

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Is the ambition of power the root of all evil deeds? It seems to be in the play Macbeth, there is many themes that could be picked from this play but the one major theme that I am pick is to not let your ambition for power control and change who you are. For example in play Macbeth, the main character Macbeth changes who he is because of power which leads him to do evil acts. This theme could is supported by the motifs, blood, guilt, and lastly sleeplessness. I will explain why each of these motifs support the theme. The first motif which I am picking is blood, blood is symbolic of corruption I'll give you a reason why this particular motif supports the theme of play Macbeth. In the beginning when Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth about the witches prophecies both Lady Macbeth is pleased to hear that Macbeth could be come Thane of Cawdor and then eventually go on be to King of Scotland. She is so pleased to hear that she wants it to happen immediately but sees Duncan as the only obstacle so she tells Macbeth that he must kill…show more content…
I'll give you a reason why this motif also supports the theme of power. For example when Macbeth finally agrees to go ahead with Lady Macbeth's plan to kill Duncan, he quickly starts become guilty. He feels so guilty that he actually starts going crazy and starts seeing and hearing stuff in the process. Even after he kills Duncan he gets even more guilty and cant believe what he had done to his king because of his ambition of power. One quote from the play that supports this is when Macbeth comes back to his room with the bloody dagger which he killed Duncan with and Lady Macbeth tells him to take it back to crime but Macbeth cant bear to think about what he has done, He says the following " I'll go no more, I am afraid to think about what I have done, Look on't again I dare not" basically he is saying that he doesn’t want to think about what he has done to Duncan

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