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Lord of the Flies by William Golding absolutely proves the theme that we are all capable of becoming a Nazi through the defects of human nature. Mankind to this day struggles with this cancer of savageness. This is present in terrorist groups such as, ISIS, skin heads, and others. With his belief in the theme of man being capable of becoming Nazis he uses examples of symbolism to illustrate this theme. Several symbols include used to portray this theme are, the result of the boys encampment on the island, the boys “love” for hunting, and the murder they committed with no remorse to Simon. For example, Golding knew what the result of what was to occur of the boys on the island. Without an adult present? These boys were more susceptible to chaos and destruction. Within themselves and the island. Golding exceeding proves this within his book for it is actually the main, and whole foundation of the book. My second symbol was the boy’s savageness. This is the product of them being stranded. A clear example was their new found love for hunting, and the smeared blood on their faces. With these new circumstances coming into play, we can see a complete and total loss of innocence. These…show more content…
In the beginning of the book they all make it a point to wear their clothes to avoid the sun, but after the awhile. They’re clothes becoming trickling down to the smallest of cloths, showing the boy’s “adapt to the environment.” Just as a homeless person resembles their environment, these boys resembled theirs. Also, from the moment the boys step onto the island we see destruction, the “scar” other examples from describing the water in which they bathe as “warmer than blood,” and the lighting as “a blue-white scar.” The island in itself was destructive alone. The boys couldn't help but become part of its savagery when they arrived. These symbols also reverberate back to his theme regarding the human defects of

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