A Short Summary: The Symbolism Of The Bird

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The symbol of the bird The bird is the best thing that Mrs. Wright had in her life the bird is what reminded of the happiness that she had at one point in her life and the payback that her husband got from her from taking that birds life costed him his life during a night's rest. The way that the bird fluttered around singing and just being happy the bird was symbolizing the way that Mrs.Wright use to be when she was younger.See it was a crazy thing to be able to tell just from words in the story how much that Mr.Wright changed her when they were married see for example of how I know that she has changed is when Miss Peters says “Come to think of it she was kinda like the bird she to use to flutter around and sing like the bird did.” The way that Mr.Wright treated her why they were married really changed her for the worst.He made her become you could say a depressed person she no longer

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