Argument Between Herd Work Vs Talent

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Hook: What do you think about the herd work versus talent argument? Line: A lot of people have said hard work beats talent And my argument will show that talent is superior. Argument/Claim/Thesis: My claim is that talent beats hard work. I believe this because talent helps you learn what you have a talent better. Another reason is that talent does not have to work as hard to accomplish the same goals as a hard worker. ______________________________________________ Reason #1: You don't have to work as hard as someone without talent when you have talent. 2 Example: When you have talent things come easier to you and it is not as hard to learn as someone without talent (which is more). 3 Explanation: Say you are talented at a certain sport that someone else is not talented at and you have to learn the same drill as they do, it would not take you as much work to learn the same thing.…show more content…
3 Explanation: A way this is shown is if someone with talent and someone without talent start doing the same thing and you have the same goals then the person with talent will reach those goals faster than the person without. 2 Example: Another reason talent beats hard work is that people with talent have the capacity to learn the thing that they have talent in, but people without talent may not have the capacity to learn as much as the talented (which is more). 3 Explanation: It's like if you and a friend try to learn something together and your friend is a more talented learner than you then you may have a harder time learning the same thing as them if you aren't a talented learner. Transition Sentence: Not having to work as hard isnt the only reason talent is

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