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TOP 12 HAUNTED PLACES IN DELHI In our childhood days, many of us had heard tales of scary ghosts and supernatural powers from our friends and kins. Existence of ghosts is mystery in itself. Sometimes, it might appear to be complicated woven stories and other times real incidents. Delhi, the city of old monuments, forts and forests has been reported to have some spooky places. Spookiness of these places is experienced by natives. Phantoms have been traced on the roads, abandoned houses, forts and monuments etc. For those who are daring and calls themselves valiant, here is the list of lesser known haunted and so-called unearthly places in Delhi. Scary to read at night. Keep your fingers crossed and discover them at your own risk. 1. Delhi Cantonment…show more content…
House No. W-3 House No. W-3 is located at Greater Kailash in South Delhi. Decades ago, an aged couple was murdered in their house. It is believed that their spirits still haunt this place as narrated by neighbors. Mysterious sounds such as crying noisily and screams arises out of this haunted house. This house is abandoned. Similarly, there are number of abandoned haunted houses in Delhi. House No. W-3 Image Source: sodelhi.com 6. Khooni Darwaza Khooni Darwaza or The Gate Of Blood is situated on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg near Delhi gate. Two stotries have been associated with this place. Pre-independence, three princes of Mughal dynasty were murdered by British General, William Hudson during Indian rebellion. Post-independence, hundreds of refugees were killed here. It is believed that spirits of three princes and refugees haunt this place. It is sealed to general public. Khooni Darwaza Image Source: kunzum.com 7. Mutiny House Mutiny House, situated in Kashmiri Gate is a memorial built by Britishers in memory of their soldiers who were killed during 1857 revolt. People have seen moving arms and legs of soldiers in its premises. But for people who want to test their boldness, this haunted place must be sneaked. Mutiny House

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