A Short Story: Having A Baby Sister

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The day my mom had my baby sister was probably the most unfavorable day of my life. I was at school doing whatever my teachers thought is worth misusing my time of watching Riverdale. After school, my mom picked me up from school and exclaimed," Guess what honey!" I said, "What, is there something amiss? This is probably your first time calling me honey in your entire life." My mom said, " You're having a new baby sister!" I said, "Is there a way for you to halt that from happening, and, also, why did you have to get pregnant four more times after me? My mom said "Come on! How bad can it conceivably be?" I said, "Um, we're five kids now, guess how many diapers need to be changed? Three, oh and here's another disappointment, I am the one who's going to have to compromise with changing the diapers every day! Help me woman, help me!"…show more content…
Plus, it would be efficient for you to have a new sister. Now you can become more capable you can become a better example to your brothers and sisters. While we’re at it, I need to teach you how to acquire some manners young lady. I said, ''let me tell you something, there is not even a five percent chance of that happening also, I hate the word brother and sister and the person who invented it. Haneen, we are having a new baby, whether you like it or not, and I expected you to be a little more supportive. I felt weird suddenly. I asked myself is this how feeling guilty feels like. I ran to my brother and acted in triumph and said, “I do have feelings, all he said was are you sure we're related and then went back to playing, "Call of
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