Summary Of Uncle Tom's Cabin By Daphne Rooke

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Introduction In the 1800’s Africa and America seemed like a very cruel and unforgiving time. People faced a lot of oppression during those times, mostly women and black people. Women in those times were seen as property, there to be a good wife and have children. Black people were used for farm work and sexual satisfaction. In the book “Mittee” by Daphne Rooke she tells the story of two women Mittee and Selina. The story is told through the eyes of a servant girl, Selina, as she narrates the trials and tribulations they both as women face. This book brought to light a lot of women issues and issues of race I found that this book reminded me of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beeche Stowe which also used…show more content…
Though no one person is telling the story, you see life through each characters eye. In the story the main character Uncle Tom is a very kind hearted man who is loved by his owner just like Selina is. When the family falls into debt it against the masters will because he saw Tom more as a friend than a servant. Uncle Tom was considered what people in a house Negro in the south. The House Negro was a slave that lived in house with their master lived. Some of the house slaves had a similar resemblance to white people as in having lighter skin tone. Many of the time most house slaves were the offspring of their master and never knew it. The house Negro was more pleasing to look at when the whites were eating dinner. The house Negro ate whatever the master ate, it wasn’t at the same table of course and after the master finished his food and everything was cleaned up. They were able to travel with their owners and even wore their master’s old hand-me downs. Some started to believe as if they were better than the slaves that were of darker complexion. The ones with the darker complexion had to work in the field and never allowed in the house. This idea was planted into the heads of both house and field Negros, this way they would rise up together and try to kill their master. The one thing that set South Africa apart from American South is that black people with complexions light and dark were treated the same way. Neither had a chance at a better life and even was segregated. Just like in South Africa white and blacks weren’t supposed to be together but there was actually a law against, those caught would be thrown in jail. American South black people would be killed if they committed a crime and even if they didn’t they were

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