The Pros And Cons Of Athletes In The Film Industry

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PREWRITINGS -Talented people who worked extremely hard to get to the positions. - Generate good profits for their respective businesses. - ucrative businesses in the US Salaries for Sports The entertainment and sports businesses are some of the top moneymaking industries of modern times. This success is contingent to a major extent on all the entertainers and athletes whom bring ticket-purchasers to the theaters and to the stadiums, respectively. These players are talented people who worked extremely hard to get to the positions they currently occupy. Because they fulfill the most important role in making the industry a monetary success, I believe these athletes deserve the high…show more content…
In film industry, which ranks high in the most lucrative businesses in the US, there is absolutely no question that the actors and actresses are paid big salaries. However, like the sports business, the film industry sees significant earnings due to them. In the movie business some actors and actresses are so loved by the people that movies that star them bring in a great deal of money on the movie’s opening weekend even before reviews are out about how good or bad the movies is. The studios cast big stars in big-budget movies, paying them a lot of money with the intention of getting great revenue. A B-grade movie that stars an A-grade actor like Al Pacino will bring in more money to the studio than a well-made film with B-grade actors without the name. The director of the wildly successful Star Wars Episode VII, JJ Abrams, commands a great salary, considering the fact that his movie generated over two billion dollars in revenue. Essentially film artists’ salaries are a function of what they can bring in for the studio—not so different from the other types of employment in the private…show more content…
Teams that win more frequently than they lose build up a big fan base made up of fans that buy tickets, fill up the sports stadiums and who buy merchandise of that particular team. Teams that build up a history of winning become revered in the hometown or city that they are based in and become very successful businesses. Also winning teams have at the very least a couple star athletes who dominate the sport and who are difficult to find. These pro athletes are very talented and put in many years of training to become the best. All of this doesn’t even take into account that their careers are much shorter than the average 9 to 5 career. If one focuses only on the amount of money pro athletes make and fail to consider their talent as well as the hours they put in, their salaries may look to be extreme. However once taken all factors into consideration it is obvious that the pros deserve what they earn. Although some hard working manual laborers might show resentment towards the salaries granted to even marginal players, one must understand that the owner sees even those marginal players as necessary for the team to operate and are paid

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