The Amplified Bible: Book Analysis

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God’s direction to me to put this into writing has led to this book. In this book New Beginning, I would try to explain how one can enjoy a new beginning; one’s part in new beginning; challenges of new beginning; sustaining new beginning; draw a conclusion; and give some reflections on how one can enjoy a New Beginning with Christ Jesus. In these analyses, I would use “Father Abraham” (Father of a great multitude) (Abram – High Father), our Father of faith, as one example of a person who enjoyed new beginning and what later became of him as a result of submitting to God’s direction. You will also find out that, one can enjoy new beginning when he/she believes in Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and personal Saviour, at a particular point in time. This step therefore starts a new relationship with Jesus Christ, allowing Him to rule and reign in one’s life till…show more content…
This was the place where Abram had built the altar, and there he again worshiped the Lord. Now Lot, who was traveling with Abram, was also very wealthy with sheep, cattle, and many tents. Genesis 13: 1-5 (New Living Translation). Abram as noted in the above text was so much blessed and was “very rich in livestock, silver, and gold”, and the nephew Lot, “was also very wealthy with sheep, cattle, and many tents.” They had so much that it was becoming difficult for them to remain at one place. There was therefore the need for Abram and Lot to separate because of the abundance of blessings God had bestowed on them. It was needful for Lot to go in order that Abram will have enough space to expand, and there are certain “Lots” in our lives, either in business; education; marriage; work; or our Christian lives who ought to go, in order for us to be able to expand further our territories in those areas or to further grow in our Christian lives. In our Christian journey, there are certain fellow Christians who we must part company with. As long as they remain our companions in faith, they will draw us back or hinder us from growing and knowing Christ better. “Lot” MUST

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