Importance Of Customer Satisfaction In Hotel

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Guest Satisfaction in Hotels Rohit thapliyal BHM II year A2728913112 G – Great and U- Unique E – Experience leads S- Satisfaction T- And trust Introduction First of all, we should understand the meaning of satisfaction – “Satisfaction can be defined as the fulfillment of and individual or more’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this” If there is any place where a customer is most likely to consider the type of service he is receiving, it’ll be the service sector, or we can broadly say, The Hotel Industry. Talking from restaurants to the hotels , rooms and everything that covers in between the main priority of any hotel staff is to make sure that the guest or the customer is happy and satisfified.…show more content…
It is very important to provide a concrete service , and delivering awesome product is equally important as well. One should make sure that his service is to be on a fast track for keeping up with the latest trends that your customer may follow such as assistance services for travelling customers or making specific concessions or arrangements for repeat customers. Make sure that you have everything available at all times , so that when the customer demands, you can deliver in no time. A customer who has to continuously wait for a thing or service that he is expecting may grow disappointed and tired , no matter how loyal. A customer tends to become more loyal if he’s is being focused at all the time throughout the operation. Let them vent Always provide your customer with a portal for telling you about his poor experiences . whenever you have any customer who have had a poor experience , make it easy and clear for them to not only mention you the cause but to get it off their chest to you and not someone else. Never patronize an unsatisfied customer when they are disgruntled by skipping them off with little or no plans of condolence. Make sure hat the issue is resolved and look into those things which can be improved . initialize communication methods for keeping in contact with you customers so that you can inform them when the changes or improvements…show more content…
• A customer may specify the alteration he wants to be done to a specific dish he is ordering. Enhancing visitor fulfillment Utilizing contextual analyses from a few lodgings, Craig introduced eight keys to enhancing visitor fulfillment through online networking and administration of an inn's online

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