Short Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Friedrich Nietzsche once said “ Its not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”. In Arranged Marriages parents or other designated individuals choose the spouse for their relative. In some cases the bride and groom don’t meet until their wedding. Usually the spouse is chosen by their occupation, family background and morals. My Grandparents have been married for over 50 years now and it was a love marriage. Back in their time it was more common for women to get married at a very early stage of their life however my grandma only married when she was sure and therefore it has lasted so long today. Often, many arranged marriages are caused because of impatient parents wanting their kids to be married. If you look…show more content…
Baljit Kaur Howard, was born to Sikh parents in the Punjab however lived in the UK since the age of one. In school she was smart and her attendance was almost 100% every year than two years after secondary school it slipped to less than 50%. She was kept at home to cook, clean and look after the family in preparation of becoming a wife. At 17 Baljit was taken to meet the man who was going to be her husband and immediately after meeting him she told her dad he wasn’t for her. There was no option and she got married three weeks later. The two moved to Huddersfield with his whole family and her mom told her she had to do whatever they asked. For her it was terrible. She thought of suicide and even overdosed once. Finally she decided to leave, Baljit asked her parents if they would help and they went mad. She got out and went on a trip around the world where she met the real love of her life. They got married where the parents were invited but didn’t attend. In the result of getting an arranged marriage Baljit missed her education but more importantly lost a bond with her parents. For eight and a half year Baljit was made to feel alone. Her husband and in-laws treated her badly and her parents were never there because they disagreed with her opinions. It’s so nice to see in the end she found someone who she truly loves however unfortunately what happened to
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