A Personal Narrative-The Thing

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The Thing I’m sitting in a plastic chair inside a run down building, the walls are painted a mustard yellow and is chipping. The smell isn’t any better than the repulsive color,it smells like a hospital which is already extremely overwhelming, and it’s mixed with a mildewy odor. Talk about grody. Why am I here? I should just take the thing back to my house then figure out what to do with it. I look at the crate on the floor next to me. I’ve covered it with a pale pink cloth for the sake of others, because the thing that’s being held inside it isn’t very alluring. I hear my phone vibrate against the chair. I pick it up to see a text message from my friend. It reads: I’m on my way. I just went to go get some food for the wait. Be there soon.…show more content…
What if it’s a girl? But I guess we could try to feed it.” Sydney shrugs and pulls off the tattered blanket. I look away in disgust, but I can’t get the horrifying image out of my mind. The creature, with it’s abnormally skinny figure, great green eyes, sharp teeth, long fingers that seem to always be reaching out at you. I offer him the drink and food but he turns away, disgust written across his pitiful face.At that moment I can’t help but think back to the moment we found him. We were hiking in the woods nearby, just the two of us. We had just watched a horror movie, so we were wary of our surrounding. I heard a twig snap, followed by a shuffling, naturally, I went to investigate. I leaned over the edge of the small drop-off when I was pushed from behind. I recall falling through bushes and rolling through dead leaves. When I finally come to a stop, I try to stand but I’m too dizzy so I just fall back down. I call back to Sydney, “ HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” I didn’t get a respond. Shaken and afraid, I slowly get on my feet and begin to walk back to the edge. Again, I hear shuffling, and again, I turn around to investigate. I feel a blow from behind me and I stumble forward. “

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