Unit 9 P1 Business Communication

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Emails have a less rigorous structure they use ‘Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs’ and then the person's name, they are signed off in the same way but they don’t include addresses and contact details of the person you are emailing. Many employers value emails as you can easily attach files for recipients, to open and you can also ‘Carbon Copy’ another person into the email depending on whom it is regarding. This type of communication is valued in most industries as it is a modern form of communication with others. Fax is another form of communication with other people, which copies a document to others electronically exactly as it has been written down. This is an effective form of communication used in industry as it is quick, and easy to send, and share…show more content…
They also can tell a colleague a specific emotion that you have about a certain field. However, these really are unsuitable for use in a working environment so they should only be used on social media or text messages. Anderson, Jarvis, Kaye, Lawson, McGill, Phillips and Smith (2010. pg 19, para 19.) With any form of written communication you will be given specific hours to complete the written work and other times when people can contact you. Faxes and emails will be allowed to be used but if the messages are rather personal then there are certain limitations to those guidelines. Often templates suited to the particular format of document that you are writing for can be used to gain an understanding of how the company wants you to lay out your work. Anderson, Jarvis, Kaye, Lawson, McGill, Phillips and Smith (2010. pg 19, paras 15 and…show more content…
This background noise barrier could be another person talking about a separate topic in the background, a colleague who is upset and needs to talk to someone about how they are feeling, or loud music playing the background which prevents you from concentrating on the task in hand. Other forms of background noise include arguments or disputes in an environment or loud phone calls taking place. Some examples of minimising this barrier would be to shut the door in an office or a window. This would help improve communication as you would clearly be able to hear what the person is saying to you, without listening to what is going on outside as well. Another way of minimising background noise is to ask a colleague to keep the conversation or music to a lower level, so that you can work to the best of your ability and this would improve written and spoken communication as you would be able to concentrate on what you are doing in order to write in a coherent manner. (BizMove Business Guide, n.d. para

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