WS 201 Film Analysis: A Walk To Beautiful

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Jaucelyn Montgomery Professor Lana M. Gold WS 201 Film Analysis “A Walk to Beautiful” 10 November 2014 It is the caring that makes humanity work. Summary In summary, the film “A Walk to Beautiful” tells a story of five rural Ethiopian women who are suffering from a birthing related health issue that leaves their bodies damaged during childbirth called an obstetric fistula. During difficult and long labor a baby’s head may become stuck in the birthing canal and causes a hole in the bladder and or rectum that leads to continuous leaking of urine and or feces. Their husbands, families and community ostracize these women; often making them so depressed that they leave their homes to live outside in shanty shacks, with barely enough shelter to keep the hyenas away. These women learn by word of mouth, there is a hospital that can save them. A hope to give them new lives by repairing their leaks. They are desperate to regain their social status within their family. The Hospital is far away and they choose to…show more content…
The film shows happy reunions of friends, family and children. The women go from “horrible outcasts” to “beautiful daughters, mothers, sisters and lovers.” Another concept of framing is “socially accepted,” now that they are no longer smelly and leaking. Many times during (A Walk to Beautiful, Film) the documentary, the camera shows girls and women carrying water, food, building materials. Depicting a women’s work hierarchy is framing a “patriarchal society.” When a young woman returns home, she asks her husband why he did not clean the house while she was gone. He did not answer her. He just smiled at her, not acknowledging her question. (A Walk to Beautiful, Film) This part of the documentary frames this particular moment as “chauvinistic and patriarchal giving the women less value.” OBSTETRIC FISTULA FOCUSES UNRELENTING GLOBAL DISPROPORTIONS IN ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE AND BASIC HUMAN

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