A Doll's House

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Wadlington. A Doll House 1. Henrik Ibsen. A Doll House. 1879. 2. Dramatic Action statement: A woman takes out an illegal loan leading to the questioning of her marriage and ultimately a decision to leave her submissive life behind. 3. Narrative Summary: Act 1: Torvald is chastising Nora for spending so much money when Dr. Rank and Christine Linde arrive. Torvald goes off to talk to Dr. Rank while Nora and Christine catch up. Nora tells Christine about the loan she took out for the trip to Italy but claims that she will be able to fix everything soon and that she will get Christine a job at the bank. Krogstad arrives at the door and goes to talk to Torvald. Dr. Rank expresses that Krogstad is a morally corrupt blackmailer. After Krogstad is gone Nora gets Christine a job at the bank and everyone exits. Nora is playing with the children when Krogstad enters to speak with her. Krogstad threatens Nora with the information he has about the loan and that he will expose her if he is fired. After Krogstad exits Nora begs Torvald not to fire Krogstad to no avail.…show more content…
Rank. Nora begs Tovald to give the job but he gives it to Christine anyway. Dr. Rank confesses his love to Nora and she decides not to ask him for money. Krogstad hears of his termination and confronts Nora about it. Nora confesses everything to Christine and Christine promises to help. Act 3: Christine meets with Krogstad and gets back together with him but tells him not to retract the letter as she believes the truth needs to come out. At the party Tovald is drunk and trying to get Nora to sleep with him but she refuses and then Torvald opens his mail and begins to yell at Nora until another letter arrives changing Tovalds mind and he begins to apologize but Nora has had enough and decides to leave slamming the door behind

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