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Billie Holiday, a world sensational singer, has become a highlight to publicity and the ideal American star in our society. This artist is well known for her Jazz songs such as Strange Fruit, God Bless the Child, The Man I love, and Lover Man. She is extremely known for her voice of sensational feeling and her appearances in many other songs of other well-known artists such as; Duke Ellington, Teddy Wilson, Lester Young, and Joe Guy. Holiday is truly the artist of the Harlem Renaissance, yet this star has had a rocky life to stardom, and continues to stumble and pick up problems in her career. The star has had a rough journey to become who she is and although we all have had our dark ages, Holiday seemed to have a fantasy of a nightmare for her early years. As a child, her background was a dark time, she was going through the segregation and living in poverty and a torn family with unethical morals to latch upon. Holiday was born in April 7, 1915 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and a couple years later, her life turns into a mess of chaos and sadness. The young lady had turned to a life of truancy and was sent to House of Good Shepherds, a rehabilitation center for misconducting…show more content…
She had befriended Duke Ellington, Lester Young, and Teddy Wilson whom she illustrate songs with each of them. In her life, happiness begins to form and she becomes a whole new person accepted by the country with her music. Lester Young and she soon form a close relationship of rather uncertainty ways and thus Holiday is bestowed upon her newest nickname, “Lady Day”. With Lester Young, Holiday and he traveled together as coworkers with the Count Basie's orchestra. In the peak of her career she begins to have a major controversial topic ensuing her. Sadly enough segregation is still strong and sparked the nation with questions when Holiday joins an all-white orchestra, Artie Shaw’s

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