'Bonds In The Red Convertible'

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The Red Convertible Bonds- it’s that one object everyone shares, its something one forms everyday. Whether spending time with family, working with coworkers, or attending class among peers, we all form bonds in some shape or form. Often times when forming a bond between two individuals one might find a specific object that reminds them of this bond and allows them to strengthen that bond over time. In the short story The Red Convertible, we see several bonds formed over time as well as the objects obtained as a representative of the bonds and friendships created along the way. The story The Red Convertible started of on a small Indian reservation in Chippewa, North Dakota. From a young age, Henry and Lyman both worked to make money by…show more content…
The Red Oldsmobile was significant to the relationship of the two brothers. In the story one can see that the Olds Mobile was purchased as a leap of faith for the brothers at a young age. As the brothers grew older, so did the car they purchased. According to the text, after purchasing the car the two brothers decided to travel the world that summer. Along the way one may see that the first relationship to be strengthened was the relationship between the two brothers. The second relationship that one might see a strengthening in was the relationship they formed with the Alaskan hitchhiker, as they traveled from city to city the brothers formed a relationship with the girl and later developed that relationship with the girl and her family in the beautiful Alaskan mountains. Although one may see several relationships over time, the underlying factor was the Oldsmobile car that formed the unique bonds between these several people. When two people form a bond the object that holds them together is often vital to the relationships life. Upon leaving the beautiful Alaskan country, the brothers bonded together as they went back to their home with the car. Once the two brothers arrived at home the story began to turn, upon the arrival back at the North Dakota reservation Henry who had volunteered to serve his country in the time of need was called to service in Vietnam. Although the relationship between Henry…show more content…
Upon Henry’s arrival back to the states after serving in Vietnam, the difference in his overall demeanor was skewed and extremely noticeable. Much like many of the soldiers returning home during that time period, there was a noticeable difference in Henry. In the story the author talks of the times when Henry first experienced a color television. As they sat watching television the Lyman began to notice an overwhelming change in his brother, he was not the man he was when he left for war, he was a monster that no longer had that relationship they once shared. In the story we see the effects that the Vietnam War, by analyzing the example associated with the color television, it is fare to assess Henry and the psychological battles he now faced from Post Traumatic Stress

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