9/11 Poem Analysis

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This poem, by occupying a large space, describes of the 9/11 and its aftermath in adequate ways, of a mixture both emotion and reason clustered manners of the poet/narrator. The title is very direct and seems to be incomplete, and its completion being fulfilled only with the body of the poem. To be clear, the ‘since’ in the title will only become full and meaningful in its essence, if it is followed by each and every line that compose the verse here. With a first person “i” which makes the narrative of the poem alive and factual and, the names and places mentioned in small letters against the conventional usages adds to the universality of the incident, how it must have felt to all but in varying degrees and ways etc. could be easily guessed from it. The momentary changes described likely, the “sky as steel” and “smoke flesh” shows more than their literal articulations. Nevertheless the poem entirely blends two things namely, shocks and response (protest) to the subject mentioned, the poet’s identity as ‘Arab’ in the country is subjected to stereotypes and then her being to be one of the villain or convict is reflected intact throughout it. Her shock, fear,…show more content…
She does not “give a fuck about bin laden.” And in her conclusion, which is supportive of a general fact of war-effect, that the woman has to suffer in the end, is evidently a feminist signatory by the poet. It is more clear since she just brought in the verse “woman (colored)” as the sufferers and those who will have to pay in the end. But it is half-true in the context of Arab Americans, where the men too equally or in more depth feel or become subjects of violence. “i feel like my skin is real thin,/ and that my eyes are only going to get darker/the future holds little light”- the lines I liked most among all, only due to their best symbolic articulation of the context also their existence to even hold the poem in its
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