9/11 Informative Speech

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Many people think President Bush planned the whole attack of 9/11. People have their opinions but Bush has tried to prove that he had nothing to do with the attack. September 11th was a day in history where many families lost loved ones and many will not forget. I will tell you about the terrorist group that attacked The World Trade Center, how many people gave their life to save ours/how many people died, and the days after the 9/11 attack. Many people lost their lives due to the terrorist who hijacked 4 planes and killed about 3,000 people. The terrorist group that caused the tragedy known as 9/11 is known as “al Qaeda (http://www.history.com). Al Qaeda was an Islamic group that was from Saudi Arabia (Corrigan 17). People think that al Qaeda chose The World Trade Center for all different reasons, but according to “The 2000’s Decade in Photos”, al Qaeda wanted to destroy western beliefs such as equality for women because it threatened them (Corrigan 17-18). They want to overthrow the governments that have western beliefs and establish a large Islamic state (Corrigan 17). They think that to achieve this…show more content…
The clean up from 9/11 took nine months and there was about 1.8 tons of debris (http://nymag.com). The American Red Cross got a lot of donations to help out the crew's, people were also donating blood to help out the people with serious injuries. There were 1,717 families that got no remains of people who they lost (http://nymag.com). About 1,609 people lost their spouse and about 3,051 kids lost a parent (http://nymag.com). The buildings burned 99 days after the attack and 98 fire trucks were destroyed (http://nymag.com). It cost around $600 million dollars to clean up 9/11 (http://nymag.com). Many people lost loved ones and will never forget what they went through. This day in history may never be

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