A Comparison Of September 11 Vs. Roosevelt's 9/11 Speech

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This country has had two devastating attacks on American soil. We have only had two and they weren't pretty. Many lives were lost in these attacks. The american people will never forget these horrible strikes. The first one was on December 7th, 1941 and the second was on September 11th, 2001. President Bush’s speech was better than Franklin D. Roosevelt's because it was more emotional and comforting to the people of the United States of America. So what are the speeches about? You might ask, well the answer to that question is that they explain what happened, why it happened, the effect, recovering process, and the prevention to the fatal punch of the enemy's. It is also about sympathy and ease. It was made to notify, describe,…show more content…
America was attacked in year 1941 because it was a preventive action to keep the U.S Pacific Fleet from interfering with military orders. The second attack was to terrify and frighten our nation into confusion and retreat. The entire lecture was about the heros, victims, civilians, and many more that were affected. It explains that our nation will stand up to the enemies and that the incident just made us stronger. Also it says what had happened and why. The both orators includes God in their speeches because a large portion of Americans are Christian. So America’s religion is identified as Christian. Also because God is represented to offer tranquility and serenity. Before the hits America took we were at peace with the attackers. We fought against the criminals held responsible. Seeking to get justice and revenge as said so in the speeches. The address in 1941 on the attack of Pearl Harbor was aired on the radio. The presentation on 9/11 was aired on TV. President Roosevelt's speech on the attack of Pearl Harbor was informative. He explained the situation to the public. While President’s Bush unwraveled the truth of 9/11 behind a speech filled with apology and encouragement for the citizens. Roosevelt was angry because it was the first time something like that occurred. Bush wanted to calm the people. He said that “the government will function the same way and the stores will still be in business”. He stated that America

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