1984 Totalitarianism Essay

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In the novel 1984, George Orwell illustrates an impeccable totalitarian society, the most intense realization of a modern-day government with absolute power. The novel was written as a warning to all, about the dangers of a totalitarian government. Through out the novel Orwell displays a concept of how a government pulls the public away from themselves and their individuality and persuades them into all being alike, completely erasing their past and self-awareness to gain total control over all citizens. In the novel, ‘Big Brother’, though never seen is known to be the true ruler of Oceania, his face is seen every which way, the warmth in his name is reassurance, the people of Oceania feel protected by ‘Big Brother’. The government uses this warming figure to pull their followers in, thus gaining total control. The people do whatever the government asks of them, they have lost the ability to make decisions on their own. The…show more content…
There is a constant stream of party propaganda not only on the streets but in their own homes on their telescreens that monitor their behavior. Everywhere they go, the citizens are constantly reminded that ‘Big Brother’ is watching them. In addition to psychological manipulation, the party also has complete physical control over it’s citizens. The party is constantly watching for any sign of disloyalty, the people of Oceania are forced to take part in mass morning exercises then work long hours for government agencies to the point of physical exhaustion. Anyone to resist the requests of the party undergo brutal torture. As another way to rule the people, the party contains total control of information and history. The party has control over every bit of information and history and even rewrites newspapers and histories to keep the true past hidden from the

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