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  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau's Analysis

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    “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them,” said Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s fifteenth Prime Minister who resigned in 1984. Trudeau believed that the nation must be strong enough to endure the overwhelming economic and cultural pressures from its vast neighbour, the United States. But most importantly, he believed in a "Just Society," one of his favorite phrases that held many

  • Fahrenheit 451 Research Paper

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    The United States of America is a nation that is constantly threatened to become a future dystopia. This future dystopia is becoming more reality than fiction, with the controlling grasp the government is trying to grow over the people, with 296 new laws being enacted over the course of 733 days (Statistics and Historical Comparison). On top of this, the government uses surveillance to know the thoughts of the people. Additionally, possibly the worst cause of this dystopia is that the leaders of

  • Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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    violation of the law" (Tomaskovic-devey and Warren, par. 3). Racial profiling is unethical and should not be utilized by law enforcement in any situation.. It is argued that racial profiling is "an unnecessary and ineffective tool in the fight against terrorism" (Harris, par. 1). Labeling innocent suspects because of their race is victimizing them and worsens the relationship between the community and law enforcement because of their misjudgment. The police hold a higher standard than the average citizen

  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Networking In Pakistan

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    creative age. Lack of support from the government is the major cause of lagging behind. In Pakistan creative industry is mostly relevant with traditional and cultural industry. Still innovations in technology are not much seen in market. War against terrorism and Talibanisation in neighbouring Afghanistan are also the major reason of slow development of creative industry. However the digital networking in both the countries is going on the same path. The interest of people towards digital networking is

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bitcoins

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    Untraceable- This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Bitcoins, that the transaction is untraceable. This can lead to the money being used for a variety of illicit purposes like terrorism, money laundering etc. Current status of bitcoins in India: The Reserve Bank of India’s advisory on Dec. 24 directed certain Indian bitcoin traders to suspend their operations, even though regulators seeked clarity on digital currencies and ways to regulate them. The RBI is worried about taxation, money laundering

  • The Importance Of Personal Privacy

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    That it will help stop crime, like terrorism to be exact. Well as stated in article “Big Brother I Watching You, Long Beach: New Police Surveillance System Unveiled” by Lauren Lloyd, she contends, “Police Chief Jim McDonnell and Mayor Bob Foster officially launched the “state-of-the-art program”

  • The Importance Of Death In Art

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    By nature, before anything else, art is a reflective medium. However, in extension to describing the commonalities of life, its function extends to transforming the contours of the world - especially in a socio-political context - by gathering exposure to certain issues and manipulating emotion. Art describes the world by default, but the tendency of this characteristic to leak into political implications is unavoidable. Whether in terms of culture, religion, or politics, art often describes aspects

  • Absolutism Vs Federalism

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    In the past the United States has struggled with the thought of federalism. Although James Madison a former president had a solid perspective of that particular form of government. As Madison stated, “In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, and then portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate departments” (Paarenti, pg.7), the U.S. has not seemed to ever have a conclusive line of power between

  • Homeland Security Research Paper

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    of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF agents are headquartered in Washington, DC. They are specially trained to investigate violations of explosives, firearms, arson, and alcohol and tobacco diversion. ATF agents help prevent acts of terrorism and reduce violent crime. A few stipulations of becoming an ATF agent include being a U.S. citizen, passing a drug test, and successfully completing a polygraph examination. Some benefits include paid holidays, 13-26

  • King Henry's Speech Persuasive Essay

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    English Essay: “I have never accepted what many people have kindly said, namely that I inspired the Nation. It was the nation and the race dwelling around the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar” – Winston Churchill, Speech November. 1954 This famous quote from Winston Churchill symbolizes an iconic speech, which was not used to inspire “the nation” but rather to call them forth into action. This speech was not used to motivate the public, they were