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  • Archaeological Myth Of The Shroud Of Turin

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    Kyle Meikle U15109560 AGL110 Assignment 1 – Methods & Techniques 16th March 2015 Social and Cultural biases play a major role in the understanding of Archaeological myths with regards to their influence on scientific theory. This essay will explore the Archaeological myth of the Shroud of Turin which has been subject to much debate, from both a religious viewpoint, as well as a scientific viewpoint as researchers attempt to explain its origins, creation and purpose, in opposition to that of the

  • Adolf Eichmann's Participation In The Holocaust

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    The Holocaust, in which 11 million Jews, Gypsies, blacks, and gays died at the hands of German Nazis, was not perpetrated by a single, hateful person. It was an act of evil perpetrated by hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. Participation in the Holocaust by such a large body of people leads historians and those studying the Holocaust to ask whether man is inherently evil: did each person who participated in the Holocaust have a deep-seated and passionate hatred for the victims? Some of the

  • Chicago Blues Music Analysis Essay

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    Chicago blues’ lyrics focus particularly on topical, sexual and chauvinistic themes. Topical themes include notions of work, travel and descriptions of the hardships faced during the Great Migration. Sexual themes emphasize on protest and adoration and lastly, chauvinistic themes embrace bitterness, resistance, infidelity and unrequited love. Similarly to the Delta blues, this new style of

  • Hills Like White Elephants Essay

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    couple’s argument, many have overlooked the language of the story. The simplicity of “Hills like White Elephants” allows the reader to hone in on the text and its linguistic artifacts without the interference of an overwhelmingly detailed plot. In this essay, I will analyze the grammatical structure of the short story, draw comparisons between the plot and the language, and examine Hemingway’s stylistic choices. Given the short length of “Hills like White Elephants”, the easiest linguistic element to

  • Comparing The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe By C. S. Lewis

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    Introduction Through the use of the series C.S Lewis manages to subtly tell the story of the Bible, without many readers noticing. The Chronicles of Narnia has become favorites to many young people, however many of these people never realize that they are reading about the events that happened in the bible disguised as a children’s story. Many of these people think that Narnia is a straightforward children’s story with virtually no deeper meaning. Aslan is meant to symbolize the holy trinity which

  • Summary Of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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    Literature is where one could go to explore the highest and lowest points of human society, find the absolute truth, and support it using personal experiences and knowledge. Such is the case with writer Upton Sinclair, who grew up experiencing both sides of wealth and class divisions. By reflecting on his experiences with class division, Upton Sinclair’s exposé not only sheds light on the fight for workers rights but also incorporates a Socialist philosophy. Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore

  • Summary Of Jus Ad Bellum Principles Of Just War

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    8333 Dr. Smith Philosophy 310 27 October 2014 Word Count: 2556 Jus Ad Bellum Principles and Just War Just war and unjust war have been to focal point for argument between philosophers and military leaders alike for many years. Whether or not war is just remains at the forefront of both military and political leaders’ minds, and as war changes, the ever-evolving definition of just ant unjust war looms overhead. Citing World War II, for both the United States and Nazi Germany, the principles of jus

  • Examples Of Light And Dark In Othello

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    to emphasize not only the difference between races, but also to emphasize the goodness of white and the badness of black, and to create tension and conflict necessary for the plot of the play. In Richard Dyer’s (a noted Cultural Studies theorist) essay, (now book) White, he sheds light on the human tendency to associate black with monstrousness and white with pureness. He states, There are inevitable associations of white with light and therefore safety, and black with dark and therefore danger

  • Buddhist Themes In Izutsu

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    In the Noh play Izutsu by Zeami (1363-1443) Buddhist concepts play a clear role in the poetic content of the text. In this poetry, the Buddhist philosophical concepts of material impermanence, human suffering (dukkha), and the unification of the spiritual self with the cosmos, appear throughout. These concepts also appear in the written words of Zen practitioners, whose poetry provides a window into the deeper Buddhist significance of the text. Buddhist doctrine begins with the diagnosis and cure

  • Pair Programming Methodology

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    The Agile software development methodology is one of the systematic and disciplined approaches followed in software engineering to deal with adaptability. Organizations evolve. They need to adapt to the growing needs of the business. Agile emphasizes on team work. These principles and practices impact knowledge building, sharing and consequently the overall development of the organization. There are a number of practices for agile. XP (Extreme programming), SCRUM, DSDM to name a few. One such practice