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  • Criminal Law In Malaysia Case Study

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    The implementation of syariah criminal offences and human right issues in Malaysia The issue of Islamic law in Malaysia is a very divisive issue. Politically and academically, this issue is dividing Malaysians into so many camps with opposing views with each other. There are those who oppose the law for being a threat to the so-called secular Malaysia?, and also those who oppose the law for its inability to accommodate with the today?s standard of human right. And with the latest plan by the Pan-Malaysia

  • Essay On Modern Terrorism

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    The authority and legitimacy of modern nation states has come under a severe challenge as a result of rising trends in terrorism. Confronted with one of the most brutal forms of violence, a suitable or adequate response to terrorism is still to be framed, even as a proper context of evaluation and a sufficient understanding of its causation and methodology remain elusive. The uniqueness of terrorism lies in its complex inner dimensions, its continuous and rapid adaptations, and its wide variations

  • Infertility Causes

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    Infertility is a major obstacle to good health and peaceful co-existence in many homes especially in developing countries. In spite of this, the treatment of infertility has not received adequate and comprehensive attention. Most of the discussions have centred on fertility reduction. Serious attempt has not been made to address treatment of infertility according taxonomy of causes of infertility. This why infertility treatments, even simple ones such as treatment of STIs (that cause infertility)