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What gives doctors the right to aid someone in their suicide? Why is it that we as a community are even thinking about helping others hasten their death instead of influencing them to accept the life they have and make better of it. According to the editorial discussing ‘the right right to die’ bill, Governor Jerry Brown has a choice to either,as the article states, “sign the bill to allow terminally ill patients hasten death along if they can't endure the pain,” or not sign the bill at all. The legislative leaders are unapproving of the bill. I believe that the bill should not be signed because it is aiding in murder, it is against many religious beliefs, and it is hard to believe someone actually wants to die. First off, when giving a patient this drug aiding them to death, you are aiding in murder because technically it is still killing them. If the doctor gave them the drug then it's on them that they have died. If a people want to die yous hould not just say “well if that’s what you want, then here is a lethal dose that will make that easier and less painful for you.” Someone…show more content…
As the editorial stated, “complicating things further, the Catholic Church opposes the bill, and Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, is particularly thoughtful on issues that impact religious doctrine.” Clearly it say that Governor Jerry Brown does not believe death is to be legalized through the aid of a drug; however, the article also states, “the governor is also smart enough to know that the personal and religious ideologies of lawmakers should not trump the right of people who are dying to control the few things they can about their own ending.” This says Mr. Brown should not allow the religious beliefs get in the way of his decision to sign the bill just for a few people. Although in my opinion, he should put what is right in his mind first to assure what he does next is what is good for the

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