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  • Vitrox Strengths And Weaknesses

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    Every company has its own financial strengths and weaknesses including ViTrox. In order to analyze ViTrox’s financial strengths and weaknesses, I have took the company annual reports from year 2012 to 2016 to compute the result. As stated in chapter 1, ViTrox has three subsidiaries and it is rely on these three companies to operate. ViTrox Technologies Sdn Bhd contributed the highest revenues as the price of machines is higher. Therefore, I will use consolidated financial statement to analysis ViTrox

  • Explain Why Financial Decisions Are So Important To Retailers

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    1. Why financial decisions are so important to retailers? Financial decisions are an integral component in every aspect of a retailer’s strategy. We will explain some of the basic elements of retailing financial principles that are use throughout the retailing organization. There are three areas or paths that retailers use to measure and achieve a high level of performance such as turnover, profit and the financial leverage paths. Different retailers pursue different strategies resulting in different

  • Advantage Of Cash In Business

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    In business the current assets includes cash. Cash is necessary for going concern. It should be kept sufficiently for meeting the obligation. In case shortage of cash occurs then it will slow down the operation of the business & in case any excess of it then it is unproductive. In assets, cash is more unproductive i.e. it doesn’t contribute anything to business, while fixed assets like plant, machinery etc. & in current assets such as inventory will add to business earning capacity. The money can

  • Pepsico Performance Analysis

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    Performance Analysis of PepsiCo, Inc. With the help of Financial Statement, Income Statement, Key Ratios and Stock price Analysis we can easily evaluate the financial performance of the Company and decide whether the investment of $100,000 will be beneficial in PepsiCo, Inc. or in Bank Account. So Firstly, we are evaluating the financial performance of the Company. Financial Position (Abstract) The key elements of Financial Statement and Income statement of the Company are shown in following table:

  • Starbucks Case Study

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    The case study introduces and analysis the financial report of coffee branding giant- Starbucks Corporation from year 2010 to year 2012. Starbucks is a worldwide famous brand on roasting and retailing their specialized coffees. Their marketing technique is consider as one of the most successful among its competitors with its slogan “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” Starbucks procure, roasts high quality coffee beams and sell finished products

  • Assignment 2: Case Study

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    Section 1231(a)(3)(A)(ii) states that recognized gains on money or property that result from involuntary conversions are included as Section 1231 gains. However, because the recognized gain resulted because Mame depreciated the property for tax purposes more than she should have, the gain is subject to depreciation recapture rules to determine whether the recognized gain will be treated as capital or ordinary. The property had a fair market value at the time of the fire of $1,000,000, but Mame’s

  • Montgomery Apparel Company

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    1. What are the key productivity ratios for measuring the retailer as a whole, its merchandise management activities, and its store operation activities? Why are these ratios appropriate for one area of the retailer’s operation and inappropriate for others? The key productivity ratios are: Return on Assets (Net Income / Total Assets) which measures a firm's profitability in relation to its total resources. It indicates how well those assets are utilized to generate profit; Receivable Turnover (Sales

  • Erp System Analysis

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    (Gullkvist B.M., 2012). The major benefits for accounting due to integrated system implementation are increase flexibility in information generation, increase integration of accounting presentations, improve value of reports, improve decisions making based on timely and reliable accounting information and reduction of time for disclosure of annual accounts (Alexandra and Charalambos,

  • Importance Of Book Keeping

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    greatly interested in knowing the position of the firm. The accounts are the basis, the management can study the merits and demerits of the business activity. Thus, the management is interested in financial accounting to find whether the business carried on is profitable or not. The financial accounting is the “eyes and ears of management and facilitates in drawing future course of action, further expansion etc.” iii. Creditors: Creditors are the persons who supply goods on credit, or bankers or lenders

  • Importance Of Ethics In Financial Reporting

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    While intentionally recording transactions in a manner that is not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles is considered fraudulent financial reporting, the failure to disclose information to investors that could change their decisions about investing in the company could be considered fraudulent financial reporting, as well. Company executives