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Zsa Zsa Gabor, Thesis Statement and Main Ideas My eight ex-husbands and the cop I slapped might not like me but I'm sure you will. I was born in Budapest, Hungary on February 6, 1917. My name is Sari but people call me Zsa Zsa. I got Zsa Zsa from what I used to call myself when I was younger. I was discovered for my talents when I was 13. So today I'm going to educate you about how I started my acting career, my well-known personal life, and all my scandals. When I was 13, I was approached in Switzerland by a famous operatic tenor, Richard Tauber who invited me to sing in his new opera, “The Singing Dream”. After that, I spent three months at Vienna Acting Academy. I eventually took it to the next level and started performing on stage. People often mistake me for my younger sister, Eva Gabor, who played in “Green Acres”. But that’s not me. I starred in the movies "Queen of Outer…show more content…
In 1989 I was stopped for a driving violation by a police man. I got mad and slapped him and was arrested for assault. During the trial, I made rude remarks about the officer who arrested me and he filed a slander suit against me. I had to spend three days in jail after I couldn't finish my probation. I, once again, got in trouble because of a long-standing feud with Elke Sommer. This problem reached the courts in the 1990s when Sommer sued my husband and me for defamation of character and libel; we had made bad remarks about Elke to several German publications. The jury ruled in favor of Sommer. More issues surfaced in June of 2005 when my husband and I filed suit against my daughter, Francesca, accusing her of stealing personal property and fraud. I made headlines again in 2009, when my lawyer announced that I had lost at least $7 million from investments with Bernard Madoff, the convicted investment adviser who admitted to operating a Ponzi scheme that defrauded thousands of investors ("Zsa Zsa

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