In Defense Of Crito Socrates

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In Crito Socrates emphasized that the most important thing for a human being was not just mere life, but good life. In this case, by good life, he did not mean having a lot of wealth, money and children and participating in political clubs or government offices, but living a just life that ensures justice to others and to oneself (Crito 53). When he is brought on trial for the charges of corrupting the youth, not worshipping the city’s gods and “inventing” his own gods, Socrates places emphasis on this statement by noting that he would rather die for his defenses than living after making the other kinds of defenses. By pursuing the position he believes to be the best life, Socrates believes that he must remain on it to face dangers without fearing death or anything rather than disgracing in the remaining part of his life (Apology29a). In his defenses, Socrates had a conviction that he had a divine command from the Oracle Delphi to study and practice Philosophy so as to make people conceive virtuous life…show more content…
This is due to the fact that people will always do good to those that do good to them. It is because he has been seeing justice as the most important thing whether in private or in public. Therefore, by this fact, Meletus would be out rightly lying (Apology 26). The accusation that he did not believed in the city’s gods and inventing his own was also false. Meletus had accused him of calling the sun the stone while the moon the earth. However, he was only referring to what Anaxagoras had written that, the sun was a stone and the moon earth, and his books were already full in the Athenian bookshops, and the theories contained therein were not his. Meletus also contradicts himself by stating that although he does not believe in the city’s gods, he believes in spirits (Apology 28d) (Plato
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