Yoko And Sherwin In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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These are things that Yoko has to get used to: Talking in a language that feels flat and garbled in his throat compared to his familiar mother tongue, knowing all too well of his awkwardness, the store owner chuckles softly and encourages him anyway. The cold weather and how it cuts the warmth of the fire in the fireplace when he comes home. The sight of Sherwin, thinner and softer then he remembers 5 years ago (yet still large), Looking up at him when he comes in, tiny beads and tinier wires held delicately between thick fingers. Knowing full well that those hands are capable of careful craftsmanship and soft touches as they are of leaving fresh bruises. The recognizable low rumble of Sherwin’s voice when he greets him home. The smell of herbs and spices on his fingers when he cooks on the stove. Making food for a palate that isn’t the one he grew up with, getting compliments or simple corrections based on how it turns out.…show more content…
Feeling the warmth between them, growing against his arm as he leans closer to Sherwin and catches up on the news; the warmth that spreads in that point of contact. Sherwin quietly reading by his side. Sometimes Yoko will ask something he doesn’t understand on the page and Sherwin explains it. Sometimes more rarely, Sherwin will check up on Yoko if he minds having his attention taken, and will then read a bit out loud to him in that all too comforting low rumble of a voice. Usually not, though. Yoko has to initiate most things, and that is something he has to get used to as well. At night he showers or bathes, usually by himself, other times, when he gets past his excited, anxiety ridden stomach, he calls Sherwin to fill the rest of the space in the tub with his bulk, so when the shower curtains closes it feels like they’re packed tightly

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