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The AIC Triad is a security system that was created to protect. The system was created to protect the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Put the three together and the acronym is referred to as the Security Triad, AIC Triad, or the CIA Triad. Confidentiality is “C’ in AIC. Confidentiality is the protection of personal information. Integrity is the “I” in the acronym and it is very important. Integrity is protecting the information from any unauthorized changing. Lastly is the “A” of the triad the “A” stands for availability. Availability is how one can connect to their information. Although each principle that makes up the AIC Triad plays a special role in the world of cybersecurity Integrity would be the principle that is the most important within an entity.…show more content…
An entity is a structure, it’s like a company. The author Chad Perrin of the article “The CIA Triad” states “The key to this component of the CIA Triad is protecting data from modification or deletion by unauthorized parties, and ensuring that when authorized people make changes that shouldn’t have been made the damage can be undone.” Integrity is the feature that allows changes to be made but only by those who have the authority to. Any changes created by any of the people who have access to the data can be saved but it is also able to be undone. The purpose of being able to undo the work of someone who has authority to the data is because one simple change can eventually lead to a service interruption which then breaches the confidentiality branch. In a case of deleting the incorrect file is an understanding. The system allows those who have authority to the data to go back and retrieve it. The system used to do this is known as Traditional Unfix file

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