Examples Of Dystopia In The Hunger Games

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12. DYSTOPIA: a. Definition: A dystopia is a society (usually alternative to current society) that is completely unwanted and deeply flawed. b. Example: An example of a dystopia is Panam from The Hunger Games franchise. c. This is a dystopia because the political and social structure in Panam is deeply flawed and leads to the deaths of many innocent citizens for no reason. 13. ELLIPSIS: a. Definition: An ellipsis is usually 3 dots in a row, which symbolize an omission of a word or phrase, but keep the actual significance of the quote fairly intact. b. Example: One example of using an ellipsis is “The old man loved his… cat greatly” instead of “the old man loved his only cat greatly.” c. This is an example of an ellipsis because it omits…show more content…
Example: In “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are foils of each other. c. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde contrast each other in every conceivable manner, so they are foils of each other. 18. FORESHADOWING: a. Definition: Foreshadowing is when there are small details that could point to what will happen later in the story. b. Example: An example of foreshadowing takes place early in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” when Romeo stated that if Juliet were to die then he would not want to live. c. This is foreshadowing because later in the story, Romeo kills himself when he finds that Juliet is dead. 19. IDIOM: a. Definition: An idiom is a commonly used phrase that is meant to signify something else. b. Example: An example of an idiom is “raining cats and dogs.” c. This is an idiom because it does not mean that house pets are falling from the sky, but instead that it is raining extremely heavily. 20. IMAGERY: a. Definition: Imagery is using descriptive language that calls to the senses. b. Example: One example of imagery is “the girl ran her fingers through her friend’s silky smooth hair.” c. This is an example of imagery because the words “silky smooth” elicit a feeling of touch that most people can associate…show more content…
Example: Kill Bill Vol. 1 begins when Beatrix kills victim number two, then jumps back and forth in the storyline to explain what had happened before the death of victim number two. c. This is an example of in medias res because this film begins in the middle of the plotline. 22. JUXTAPOSITION: a. Definition: Juxtaposition is when multiple items/characters/etc. are put next to one another to highlight similarities and differences between the items/characters/etc. b. Example: An example of juxtaposition is placing God next to Satan in a painting. c. This is juxtaposition because these two forces show a large amount of differences between them, and those differences can easily be spotted through placing these characters next to each other. 23. LAMPOON: a. Definition: A lampoon is a piece of writing that attacks something in through irony or mockery. b. Example: An example of a lampoon is a political cartoon. c. A political cartoon is a lampoon because it attacks some aspect of politician through mocking it using exaggerated drawings. 24. ONOMATOPOEIA: a. Definition: Onomatopoeia is a word that spells out a sound that is not an actual word. b. Example: One example of onomatopoeia is “oink.” c. “Oink” is an example of onomatopoeia because it is the sound a pig makes, but not an actual word in the English

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