World War Essay: The Evolution Of Civil Peace In Germany

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The Evolution of Civil Peace in Germany World War I began on July 28th, 1914. Not long after, the German Reichstag agreed to financially back the war. Along with this, Germany announced a “civil peace”, where citizens would put aside their issues and join the war effort in order for a quick victory. In 1914, the concept of civil peace was met by support, yet as the war waged on people began to get more angry and further fed up by the idea. World War 1 began on July 28th, 1914 and Germany went with the fight every step of the way. Germany was seen as an immense threat, especially by France. Also, looking to expand its horizons, Germany had begun to venture in to the sea, angering Britain. In a war so based off alliances, angering one nation automatically angered its allies. Germany, with a strong army and…show more content…
Citizens who were once so elated to aid the war effort were now fed up with what they believed was exploitation. Some even felt let down that Germany had called on them to fight yet did not provide an acceptable standard of living (Document 8). This statement was found in a private diary, which would likely hold one’s true feelings and not any propaganda that was often found in printed articles. Others were simply tired, like women who had been doing the men’s jobs alongside their own while they were away fighting. A farmer was cited saying “I’m not going to slave away for those Berliners anymore” (Document 9). People felt confused and unhappy with the unexpected length of the war. The fight was only a year in, yet most Germans had believed it would have been finished within a few months. In fact, a common statement for fighting soldiers or war enlistment posters was “home for Christmas”. Those back at in Germany begun to doubt the government who had kept their families away for so long and had deprived them of what they used to

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