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Many people were accused during the Witchcraft trial period many of which were women. Three of the women involved in the witch trial were Sarah Good, Elizabeth Proctor, and Rebecca Nurse. Sarah Good was born in 1653 on July 21 to John and Elizabeth Solart. She was nine-teen when her father died by committed suicide and soon after that her mother remarried. Sarah inheritance from her father's death was keep by her step-farther tell her and her sister became old enough to get the inheritance. When Sarah was older she married Daniel poole. He was an indentured servant. He died in 1682 and Sarah remarried to William Good that same year. Sarah and Williams had to sell their property to pay off all of the debt from her first husband. They settle…show more content…
A warrant for her arrest was made on February 29, 1692 for being accused with harming Abigail and Elizabeth. When she was on trial with the girls in the room they would have more fits. One of the other affected girls tried to accuse Sarah of stabbing her with a knife but, a man in the courtroom said he threw the knife out the other day. She was put in jail with the other three girls that were accused. On March 26 her daughter Dorcas Good was put into jail for biting Ann Putnam and Mary Walcott. They found her as a witch with little flea bites and bites from a snake. Sarah gave birth to Mercy Good when she was in jail. She was not given enough food for her and her baby so the baby soon died. Sarah was hanged on July 19, 1692. Her last statement was to reverend Nicholas Noyes (“I am no more a witch than you are a wizard and if you take away my life, God will give you blood to drink”) . Her saying was remember in Salam when the reverend died of a brain hemorrhage (Lewis) and (“Sarah…show more content…
She married John Proctor in 1674. They had many children some of which died at a young age. Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft in 1692 by Mercy Lewis and Abigail Williams. Abigail and Mercy claimed that Elizabeth sent her spirit out and visited them at night to torment them. A warrant for her arrest was made on April 4, 1692. She was found guilty and was sent to the salem jail. In that same month due to overcrowding at the salem jail she was moved to a jail in boston. Elizabeth children Sarah Proctor and Sarah Bassett were arrested for witchcraft on May 21. Two days later Benjamin Proctor was accused for witchcraft. Elizabeth husband was arrested a couple days later. After most of the proctor family was arrested many of their friend signed a petition declaring their innocence and asked for the family release. She was pregnant so they were going to wait till she had the baby to hang her. Her husband John was hanged on August 19 (“Elizabeth

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