Window Tinting Advantages

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Window Tinting Auto window tinting offers a number of benefits to both drivers and passengers while giving protection to the car itself. Plus, it gives a sharp appearance where motorists have the advantage of seeing out, while people outside cannot see in. This is why it is wise to have your car tinted, especially if you live here in Dubai where ultra-protection from UV rays is required. Car tints come in various colors including brown, charcoal, gray, and blue. Many consider hybrid or high performance tint the best because it rejects the most solar heat and rays at the most competitive price and resists discoloration, bubbling and tearing. However, before availing a car window tinting service, check with your local municipality for restrictions.…show more content…
In accordance with the Traffic Law and its regulations, additions should not be made to vehicles such as tinted reflective glass, beyond the limits approved by the Federal Traffic Law. Those who are caught violating tint regulations are issued a fine of AED 500 and the vehicle is confiscated for 30 days. Though the law permits for 30 percent light brown tinting to side and rear windows only, some cars may exceed this percentage if owners are given prior authorization from the traffic authority. Here at Elite Motors Services, we offer the best window tinting service using the highest quality of products to ensure that you and the other occupants are safe, have privacy and protected from glare and UV rays. Moreover, our service is compliant to the regulations of the Federal Traffic Law. For the CS Series, we offer 30% to 50% tinting percentage for: • Side and…show more content…
Chrome rims have a bright finish and look perfect on different vehicles. Though they don’t have performance benefit, they are one of the most popular finishes for rims. Meanwhile, alloy rims are made from magnesium alloy metals or aluminum, which can enhance the look and handling of the vehicle. Steel rims have been standard on vehicles for decades, but are now being phased out as alloy rims take over. Also included in the list are spinners, a special type of rim with a wheel hub spinning after the vehicle has stopped. These are designed for aesthetic looks. Rims may come in different types but what makes them all the same is the need for an excellent painting service to retain their quality and appearance. Rims are arguably one of the most commonly overlooked parts of the car as far as painting is concerned. However, when given a painting makeover, they greatly enhance the overall look of the car, making it look brand new. Of course, painting alone is never enough so rim repair is also carried out as part of the service. Here at Elite Motors Services, we strive to enhance the quality of your ride by giving your rims the best painting and repair they deserve. We paint the following for Range Rover Sport or

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