William Paley's Teleological Argument For The Existence Of God

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William Paley’s argument for the existence of God, by use of a Teleological Argument, attempts to prove that everything in the universe is derived from intelligent design. Paley uses the notion that if there exists a pocket watch, it stands to reason that there is a maker of the watch, by relation of the complexity of a pocket watch and the complexity of the universe, there must also be a maker of the universe. The internal searching that mankind goes through to find some purpose for their own existence is relative to that of a Didabot. A Didabot is a simple machine guided by infrared sensors. These robots can be observed as just pushing blocks around, however, under closer surveillance they appear to display an order in their actions that…show more content…
Alternatively the observation of naturalistic purposiveity pertaining towards a host that cannot express fitness is illogical, as naturalistic orders are a product of changes in the frequency of specific phenotypes. In addition its existence relative to naturalistic order serves no purpose within the watches design, so it cannot exist within this space by some pure coincidence alone and rather a result of some supernatural event. Thus we are able to come to a conclusion that things that exhibit complex orders can exist through natural causes as a pose to intellectual or supernatural…show more content…
Paley’s teleological argument is that things are goal directed, and as a result goal directed things are intelligently designed. If a goal exists, then there also exists an order that is purposive to attaining that goal. For the didabots we observe an order of cleaning, however, didabots do not have goals as they are not living and their purposes of cleaning are a bi-product of simply pushing things around. As a result we now have a contradiction within Paley’s teleological argument. The watch does not have the goal to constantly ‘tick’ and keep track of time; it ticks because it was intellectually designed in the absence of supernatural causes to have the purpose of keeping track of time. Unlike didabots and watches living things are subject to natural causal processes; within these causal processes we can identify order. Nevertheless the existence of order suggests natural purposes to be of intelligent design; however it is known that the only way for natural purposes that are derived from intelligent design to manifest there requires the presence of a supernatural cause, to defy natural causes and produce an identifiable order. The explanation of order within nature can also be summated as perceptible active Darwinism. The only reason that we

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