Ugly Christmas Sweater Research Paper

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Ugly Christmas sweaters are increasing in popularity. Years ago people hated this holiday treasure. This all began in the eighties, with young people making fun of older generation’s sweaters. The sweaters their mom’s and grandmother’s wore were perceived as ugly. Now wearing these sweaters brings people memories of older generations. Today, people often get asked to wear the ugliest sweater they have to attend parties. The reason behind the growing popularity of Christmas sweaters can be attributed to the growing popularity of ugly Christmas sweater parties. It has now become a popular American tradition in the United States. The 3rd Friday in the month of December has been designated as the official National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. As sales for ugly Christmas sweaters have increased so has the growing popularity of ugly Christmas sweater parties. Christmas sweater events are very common these days. In addition to Ugly Christmas parties, there are also pub-crawls and runs. The Ugly Sweater Run is an event that is hosted in different cities throughout the United States. Events can be found online for specific cities. People enjoy these events, because it gives them an opportunity to let their guard down. In a society in which people must…show more content…
Instead of calling them holiday wear they are being displayed as ugly sweaters. Choices range from popular movies to even favorite sports teams. People can buy sweater kits to create a unique look or visit a local thrift store. As the popularity has increased, people no longer need to wear old, itchy, tacky sweaters. Sweaters can be purchased online from a variety of websites. There are specific websites just dedicated to selling ugly Christmas sweaters. While, people strive to look ridiculous, it also provides an opportunity for creativity to shine. The definition for what makes a sweater ugly is up for everyone’s own

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