Teleological Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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Teleological Argument & The Existence of God The quest to prove the existence of God has been a challenge for centuries. Over the years, a canon of classic arguments has been developed. Although many arguments stem from Christianity, some arguments also come from Jewish and Muslim philosophers as well. Plato and Aristotle have also had an impact in its development. Over recent decades, a major increase in interest has been shown in natural theology and the philosophy of religion. All of the classic theistic proofs has been revived and refined, presented in revised form and widely defended. Controversially, whether any of these arguments for the existence of God is successful remains a question at hand. The Arguments for the Existence of God set out to explain each of the common philosophical arguments for theism, and so to explore the case for the existence of God. Origins: The word “teleological” originates from the Greek terms “telos” and “logos”. “Telos”, by definition is “the goal or end or purpose of a thing” while “logos” means “the study of the very nature of a thing”. The suffix “ology” or the “study of” is also from the noun “logos”. To understand the “logos” of something means to understand the very why and how of that thing's nature. The teleological argument is an attempt to prove the existence of…show more content…
If a design calls for a designer, and the universe is evident of design, then the universe was designed. Evidently, all living organisms on earth are and have been extremely complex in their design. A superb example of this is DNA. All of the DNA in a human, if organized from end to end, would be 1000 times the distance from the Sun to the Earth. Even beyond living organisms on Earth, the entire universe seems designed for life. For life to exist on earth, hundreds of conditions are required. The likelihood of all of these conditions randomly occurring is astronomically

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