Hermit Crab Research Paper

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The hermit crab and sea anemone have a symbiotic relationship. The hermit crabs will usually pick up a young sea anemone and attach it to their shell. Both the hermit crab and the anemone become partners for life and grow around the same rate. So when the hermit crab outgrows its’ shell, they take the anemone with them. The hermit crab and anemone have a mutualistic symbiotic relationship. This means that both organisms benefit from the other. The hermit crabs gets protection from any predators due to the sea anemone. The crab “communicates” with the anemone and then it spreads out its stinging tentacles over the hermit crab. In return, the anemone gets leftover food from the hermit crab. The crab captures dinner and the anemone eats the

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