Wildest Moments: A Short Story

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Wildest Moments As the night progressed, her voice became deeper than the ocean. Hypnotized, I could not resist, but to sit on my rooftop and soak up all the emotions that her lyrics put me through. It was as if for a moment I was in another world where I could just be myself. In this world, all my emotions were let loose and I felt alive as ever. Her words seemed as if they were directly taken right out of my heart; making them much more meaningful and mesmerizing. Jessie Ware was the one person who understood me. Little did I know, the crack of dawn was approaching and the bags under my eyes were as big as the sun. Swiftly, I tip-toed into my bed in hopes of getting some sleep in order to survive. Even though my eyes were closed, my heart…show more content…
She gracefully walked up to the microphone, grasping the microphone as if she were doing it a favor. After her drummer hit the first note, Jessie’s voice hit like thunder on a rock. The effect of her voice on my body was just indescribable. My heart raced faster than ever before, yet my mind was in a place of peace, as Jessie’s lyrics filled me with peace. After Jessie sang me to peace, she decided to interact with the crowd. Which automatically in my brain registered as, “Shout for attention until she gives you some”. Although I was dead straight in front of her, Jessie decided to reach out to a bunch of basic fan girls who sounded like a bunch of “screaming banshees”. Once Jessie gave enough attention to them, I started screaming at the top of my lungs, literally gasped for air at one point. “Are you alright chap?” Jessie asked me in a concerned yet cool manner. For once in my life I froze up and did not know what to do or say. Do I complement her? Or maybe just ask for a picture? “Actually, I am not due to the fact that you are standing right in front of me, it is like meeting the Queen of England, except you are way prettier and chiller.” I replied with no sense of

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