Wife Of Bath Stereotypes

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Chaucer and The Wife Of Bath During the 14th century , gender stereotypes were big part of society, However, throughout Geoffrey chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer’s depictions and characterizations of men and women seem to undermines medieval gender stereotypes more than they reinforces them. While Chaucer sometimes depicts women as being depictful and materialistic , overall there are many more examples of moments where Chaucer seems to undermine men are rational and women are deceitful in the “Wife Of Bath” texts. As we were reading the Wife of bath, we as a class discussed that Chaucer was undermines female’s stereotype more than reinforcing them. However, chaucer also reinforces medieval gender stereotypes that women are materialistic/ earthy. An example for women being…show more content…
261 line 214 “They hadde me yiven hir land and hir tresor ; me needed nat do lenger diligence to winne hir love or doon hem reverence ” in that line it shows that women are materialistic/earthy because it say treasure and land and because women love money and to be pleased . Likewise in the tale it also shows how women are materialistic “some saiden wommen loven best richesse” because women only love men who have money and also men who gives them freedom ; In the same page it says “ A man easily wins a woman with flattery and diligent attendance upon her” I think that also reinforce that women are being materialistic in away that women only care for money and to be

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