Similarities Between Beyonce And Jay Z

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Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the most iconic celebrity couples in the U.S. They both are very successful musicians and share a great wealth. Although they may share their lives together their careers are different when it comes down to the details like their lives before they were famous, careers, and ,of course, their music. Beyonce, unlike Jay Z, is more of a R&B singer. Her songs acquire deeper lyrics with more heart and pain behind them. She may have a few songs here and there that are more pop or hip-hop/rap, but a majority of her songs revolve around girl power and self-empowerment. Not only is her music different than her husband’s, but her background as well. Beyonce Knowles was born and raised in Houston, Texas in a home with her parents and one younger sister, Solange.…show more content…
By the time she was a teenager she was in a girl band called “Destiny’s Child.” After a few years of being in her successful girl band, Beyonce went solo and had her father as her manager.In time she realized that her father as her manager would not be the best choice for her career and her relationship with her father; This resulted in her firing her father as her manager. Since the firing of her father in 2011, Beyonce has released 3 albums. She has won 17 Grammy Awards from 46 nominations, making her the third most honored woman in Grammy History. She is the recipient of nine BET Awards from 30 nominations. She also has a history of dipping her toes into acting. She has so far been in 12 different movies some of which are: Dreamgirls, Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Pink Panther, and her own personal

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