Why Spanking Should Be Banned

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Spanking is the act of striking another ones bottom to cause temporary pain but not to make a physical injury on the person. Some people consider spanking as a sex act that adults perform on their own time. Recently spanking has come into question. There are all types of surveys and petitions for and also against spanking. There is a difference between spanking and physical abuse. Spanking a child does not injury the child or can cause any long term effects. Physical abuse should be banned, but parents need to have the right to reprimand their child as long as it is not abusive. Spanking with an hand is not abuse and it should not be treated as such either (Vasilbudy). Some people think that spanking will lead the child to have fear against the person that is hitting them.…show more content…
His statement is important because he believes that it would teach the children a lesson. I believe spanking is the best way to teach the children a lesson. Children during this century are so spoiled and naïve, they are very sneaky and usually they try and follow bad influences. Instead of putting them on punishment, spank them. According to Tom Smith’s article about capital punishment, Did the spankings lead to more aggressive kids, or are aggressive kids the ones most likely to be spanked(Smith). Kids that are disobeying should be the ones that get the most punishment. Spanking calls into question should spanking stay around for another thousand years, or be outlawed

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