Why Should We Celebrate Columbus Day

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Why should we devote a day of celebration to a man who led to the systematic oppression and killing of millions of people? Columbus Day is a very popular holiday in the United States, but many people fail to understand the true nature of the holiday. Although Columbus Day does contain some historical merit, it still celebrates a man who exploited the Native people, led an era of destruction, and who did not even discover America. Columbus only caused great despair and does not deserve a day in his honor. Columbus was oppressive to the Native people and only sought to satisfy his greed. Opponents may argue that the arrival of Columbus sparked global interactions and finally linked Europe and Africa to the Americas in the form of the Columbian exchange. They believe that this system was beneficial to both parties. The exchange between the Americas and Eurasia led to a massive spread of death and disease. It also cultivated the establishment of atrocious institutions such as slavery in order create a workforce. Some people claim that Columbus did not purposely harm the Native people and that his intentions in interacting with them were noble. Columbus’s own accounts showcase his malicious intentions. He states that he hopes to subjugate the Natives to…show more content…
Many others made the exhibition before him so his arrival had little significance. Many people believe that Columbus’s bravery in conquering unknown seas to explore new lands is commendable. It was only through accident that Columbus discovered the Americas. He had no awareness of his accomplishment and did not set sail with the intent of making monumental discoveries.It is the popular conception that Columbus was the first person from the Old –World to make the exhibition to arrive in the Americas. Evidence suggests that the Vikings had preceded Columbus in this feat. They had arrived in the Americas hundreds of years before

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