Why Should Standardized Testing Be Eliminated

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Why Standardized Testing Should Be Eliminated All across the nation there are standardized tests taken during all times of the school year. Students of all ages take them so their level of intelligence and aptitude can be measured. Their test scores are usually compared to other students scores their age so certain decisions can be made like whether or not a teacher or a school is meeting the standards required to pass the tests. When a school or teacher is deemed unresponsive to the requirements, the teacher can suffer the consequences. Not only does standardized testing endanger teachers, but students of all ages are negatively affected by the tests. Students of all ages can be discouraged if they get a low score compared to other students that may have better resources. Standardized testing is hindering the education of students all across the nation, which is why it should be eliminated.…show more content…
This can cause a low score and then discourage a student or depress them which will continue the process of failure. Students also feel very threatened by the tests, which may cause them to give up from the beginning. In addition, students who have prepared and know the content can be at an disadvantage as well. Some student have anxiety, which may cause them to not do their best on a test, resulting in a low score or a score that does not meet the standards. The fear factor that is associated with the tests need to be dealt with. If students are required to take these tests, then they should have access to things that will help them do better on the tests and should be supplied with a method that will make them not fear the

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