Should Parents Spank Their Children Research Paper

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Should Parents Spank Their Children As A Form Of Discipline? I am a first time parent, and I for one want the best outcome for my child. As parents we think we are doing what is right, because that is all some parents know. Some parents are set in ways that their parents passed along, so any other form of discipline is not an option. I feel like spankings with cause a child to have resentment and anger build up, be aggressive, and have trust issues. Parents are role models to kids what we do they do, so I feel like spanking shouldn’t be a form of discipline. Spankings can have a negative impact on a child in the long run. Spanking is an act of slapping especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. I feel like that child will have resentment towards the parent. I say that, because that child will probably feel like that parent doesn’t love them. When that child grow up he/she will look at other people different. I feel like a child shouldn’t be feel like they are going to be spanked every time a parent disagree with what that child is doing. I also feel like that is a sign of abuse.…show more content…
As a child gets older spankings, become more firm than when you was a child. I feel like some parents spank their kids for the wrong reason. The parent act off of aggression so that will make the child be aggressive. If a child who only knows their only discipline is spankings began to get amuse to it. I also think that the anger the child have built up they take it out on other kids. That becomes a form of bullying, that child will want the next child to feel the pain he is feeling. Then by that time a light pop will become a hard pop and it will be too

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