Why Restorative Justice Does Not Work

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Imagine your kid getting into a lot of trouble at school and he is getting punished, but nothing is working, wouldn’t you rather do something that does work? When kids are getting punished in school the staff thinks that it will changes the way the kids are acting, but really it won’t, it will only make things worse. Normal punishments just cause things to get worse such as, grades, behavior, and students dropping out. Normal punishments do not work, they only make things worse. Restorative Justice can heal the pain that has been caused. It will bring people back together and solve problems and it won’t cause grades to drop or behavior issues. Restorative Justice does not work because it’s just talking about your problems. Some may claim that restorative justice does not work, but the…show more content…
Kids are more likely to go further in life and fix their problems. The author wrote, “The kids absolutely take to the circle immediately.” The article also states, “They treat each other better. They’re kinder to one another. They feel a sense of belonging and connection. It’s really quite simple. … It’s a small intervention that makes such a powerful difference.” When you punish a student it will only make things worse, it won’t make them straighten up. The article stated, “Secretary of Education Arne Duncan noted that suspensions often lead to additional disciplinary action, repeating grades, dropping out and ending up in the juvenile justice system. Restorative justice seeks to change that trajectory, known as the school-to-prison pipeline. Restorative justice works better than normal punishments. “Across the country, more and more schools are turning to restorative justice as they realize that traditional disciplinary measures - suspensions and expulsions - often don’t deter misbehavior, but can instead set troubled students up for failure by further disengaging them from

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