Appeals To Fear In The Film 'Can Kids Be Scared Straight'

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I think appeals to fear are the best motivational force because it can persuade others easier. Both passages show that either fear is the best motivational or fear is not the best motivational force. I think in both passages fear can scare someone into doing bad things in their life and it helps teens make sure they don’t do the same thing as the ones in prison or make bad decisions. First reason fear is a powerful motivational force is because fear can hurt someone in so many bad ways. In the movie ‘’Beyond Scared Straight’’ the program changes the teens life and more. Elijah was one of the teens that life had changed. He started smoking every day and now after the visit to the prison he decided to join the marines and stop smoking every day of his life. Another reason appeals to fear is the best motivational force is in the article’’ Can Kids Be Scared Straight’’ by Feinstein it states that ‘’ the treatment may have destroyed any faith they might have’’. Meaning the program works, but was a little too much for some kids, but did give them a chance to think about what are they going to change about their life.…show more content…
In the story ‘’sinners in the hands of an angry god’’ ’’ it says without any promise or obligation at all that keeps the arrow one moment from being made drunk with your blood.’’ Meaning that without God’s promises and obligation for us we would be dead and made drunk with our own blood. This shows that if it wasn’t for God all of teens committing crimes would be dead, but God is trying to give them a chance to change their life

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