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Age Does Matter As many teenagers realize, relationships are incredibly complicated. With a desire to want a loving, cute companion by their side, it is often easy for teens to jump into relationships way too quickly. Their minds are tricked into believing things that are not true. For instance, they may think they are ready for something as serious as a sexual relationship with the opposite sex. However due to a mix of immaturity and negative character traits, what the teenagers may say they want, isn’t what they can handle. This makes teen relationships with the opposite sex difficult and confusing to navigate. In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, 17-year-old Holden Caufield experiences this same difficulty when interacting with women. While Holden has a very strong relationship with his sister, Phoebe, he has poor relationships with…show more content…
Throughout the novel he makes comments suggesting envy towards others. He makes his brothers success and happiness seem like it is the silliest thing. While in New York he takes a girl Sally Hayes on a date to see a show. When they arrive at the date Sally sees a boy she thinks she knows. Holden begins to feel a strong pang of jealous. He makes a snide comment, “‘Why don't you go over and give him a big soul kiss, if you know him? He’ll enjoy it”’ (127). That comment made Sally angry. Holden continued thinking angry thoughts in his head so much that he said it made him want to puke. If Holden were to contain his feelings he would’ve shown that he can keep a relationship. Relationships have times in them where one may be jealous but if it is expressed in an aggressive way like Holden did, the other person gets pushed away. Holden doesn’t realize that because of his childish behavior and acts. His emulous behavior makes no women ever want to pursue a special connection with him. Possible relationships with girls stand no chance with Holden because of his likelihood of

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