Double Daddy Penny Parker Analysis

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My family is far from perfect. I wouldn’t be right to say it was anywhere near. My family has flaws, strengths, and weaknesses. After reading these paper, i found that within all of them I have a connection, or relation with each of the articles. I also looked at my family, and found out exactly what our strengths and weaknesses were. In “Double Daddy” by Penny Parker she talks about how mothers are known for staying home, and taking care of the children, while the father works. Also in this article though she also talks about how dads often are struggling to maintain the balance between work, and home.When i read this i immediately thought of a childhood experience. All throughout my life my parents have been divorced. While my dad had me on the weekends, my mom had me on the weekdays. Thats how its always been. But when my dad was offered a new job, that meant working on the weekends. He talked to his boss, and the boss said these terms were non negotiable, but he would offer him a week to try out the job. That weekend my dad took me to his work. He said I could help him, and I was…show more content…
More recently my mom started working from home as a hair stylist. She made an extra bedroom a hair room as we like to call it. Most of the day she would be cutting or coloring hair. It would take hours to do both on a single person. It was weird waking up and getting breakfast and walking by to see your mom cutting someones hair. Sometimes i would just want to talk to her, and she’d be busy. She managed pretty well at maintaining both, but being well doesn't last forever. She soon forgot about the things I had to do, like band practices, or me going to my friends house. My mom and i are very close, so I told her how I feel. She immediately apologized. After that she got so much better. She would include me in her hair cuts, and make her schedule to help

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